Our goal is to help you cost effectively reduce your exposure to hazards.

England and Co provides a range of services to help you manage your hazards better. At the core of our business is geotechnical and geological hazard and risk assessment services, which includes residential and remote site assessments. We also provide H&S and disaster risk reduction advice and training.  



We do geotechnical site assessments for new and existing developments, and pride ourselves in delivering practical, easy to understand advice that will ensure your project is future-proof. We also offer risk assessment services to help you understand the risks that your organisation or project faces and work out ways to reduce those risks.



We offer quality training designed to get your health and safety systems, risk reduction, emergency and business continuity plans up and running as quickly as possible. Upon leaving one of our custom workshops, you'll have already made a solid start on your plans. Within days you'll have implemented those plans. We also offer online training through the Haz-Ed project.


What others have said...

Raewyn McKnight. Executive Officer, Greymouth High School.

"The Disaster Resilience / Emergency Preparedness workshop more than met my expectations.  It was straightforward and practical in my view. Most helpful for me was the templates, they really give me a starting point from which to move forward.  It's often the starting point I find most difficult.  And so much information I was really excited to see - so very often you have to search out information. Clearly our organisation will benefit from actually getting on and developing these plans.  Critical to us! Kevin's knowledge is very good and well presented.  That's what I liked most.  I've seen plenty of waffle over the years. I would be very happy to recommend this workshop to others."

Luke Valor. Operations Manager, Prospect Energy Drilling.

"Kev worked for us in developing safety management systems for our drilling Company.
I found him easy to work with as part of a team and he produced a high standard of work and provided a good service in understanding the material. Thanks Kev."

Russell Smith. Manager, Greymouth Equipment Centre.

Re. Half-Day Health and Safety Risk Management Training for HSWA-"Clear and concise training with logical presentation and comprehensive workbook. Good content and useful templates / worksheets for our business use. Immediately applicable to our business".

Brett Amos. Assessor / Mediator/ Negotiator at Earthquake Commission

"I have worked with Kevin in my role at EQC for the last 5 years. Kevin is a talented engineer and always thinks outside the box to achieve solutions for his customers. He is able to communicate often complex scenarios to his customers in a way that is clear and concise. Kevin has been a valuable asset to have working alongside our land Review Team."

Anne Tunnah, General Manager, Punga Grove Motel, Franz Josef

Re. Half-Day Health and Safety Risk Management Training for HSWA-"The training is well presented and will help us to develop and implement our Health and Safety procedures".

Mike Nolan, CEO, Fox and Franz HeliServices Ltd, Franz Josef

This training has given me a greater understanding of the HSWA and risk management. It will benefit our Company immensely – especially the templates.

Ross Green, Loss Adjustor, Earthquake Commission, Christchurch

"I have known Kevin England for nearly 5 years. I have had the privilege of attending numerous residential site investigations with him where his geo-technical expertise has been required in the assessment of Residential Land Damage for earthquake damaged properties in Christchurch, New Zealand.
Through the time spent carrying out inspections with Kevin, I have found him to be one of the most approachable and professional people that I have worked with. He has an ability to engage effectively with people from all backgrounds; and he has a well-deserved reputation as someone who is personable, yet pragmatic, and with an ability to achieve the best results from some of the most difficult situations.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Kevin to any person or organisation, who chooses to benefit from his wide range of skills and abilities".

David Jones, Maintenance Manager, Scenic Hotel Group, Franz Josef

Re. Half-Day Health and Safety Risk Management Training for HSWA-"The training is straightforward and relevant. Immediately beneficial to our Company. This training is a great opportunity to engage the new ideas in Health and Safety".

Robert Neame, Manager, Treetop Walkway, Hokitika

The take-away material will be of great assistance to me as I rebuild our health and safety documentation.

Linley Breen, Tony’s Repairs, Hokitika

Re. Half-Day Health and Safety Risk Management Training for HSWA-"The written material provided with each topic is very useful. The training will benefit us by giving us more knowledge on what direction to take in the future".

Susan Harrod, Operations, Treetop Walkway, Hokitika 

Re. Half-Day Health and Safety Risk Management Training for HSWA-"The training was of great depth and will help will help us with hazard awareness and treatments".


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