Our training will teach you how to handle plan B and minimise impacts from unplanned events

Training offered by England and Company is designed to be easily accessible by business owners, managers and decision-makers from all organisations. The concepts presented are not rocket science. We provide inspirational learning experiences that will help you to provide a healthy, vibrant and safe workplace that will make your staff and customers feel cared for and appreciated. We have a particular focus on small business, and provide meaningful advice and guidance that is immediately relevant to your business.

We have developed templates and easy to follow systems to get you thinking in the right ways to accomplish quick progress towards improving your organisation's health and safety performance and ensure your survival in the face of emergencies. 


Upon leaving one of our workshops you will have already begun the process of developing and establishing  effective policies and plans for your business. These policies and plans are valuable assets which the Company will quickly realise the financial and security benefits of, even before an emergency.

It is our goal to ensure that course attendees will be able to establish and implement effective plans within a few days of leaving the workshop.


Health and safety training

It's a whole lot more than compliance!

We present the "nuts and bolts" of modern health and safety management. We will teach you how to use the risk management process to cost-effectively reduce your organisation's exposure to hazards and establish a positive safety culture in your workplace.

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Emergency preparedness workshops

For small to medium sized organisations.

This full day workshop is ideal for businesses and other organisations who are in need of detailed plans and may have complex risk issues to mitigate. You will learn about risk reduction, emergency planning and business continuity planning.

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Customised training

Because all organisations are unique!

If your organisation has specific requirements, or simply can't make the date of our scheduled training, we can provide the necessary guidance to get you on the right track to preparedness. Contact us to discuss your needs.

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